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In Baskerville’s memory

Visit the 2008 Plus International Design Festival and you will be able to watch history in the making.

For more than 230 years John Baskerville has been at rest in an unmarked grave in the city, but this is about to change as Gabriel Hummerstone, sculptor of bespoke memorials will carve a commemorative plaque in memory of Birmingham’s typographic genius.

Baskerville had composed his own memorial:

Stranger –Beneath this Cone in unconsecrated ground
A friend to the liberties of mankind directed his body to be inhum’d
May the example contribute to emancipate thy mind
From the idle fears of superstition
And the wicked arts of Priesthood.

and it is this text that Hummerstone will use as he carves the plaque using Baskerville’s letters on Welsh slate.

Come and watch as history is made.

For more information visit

Bookings for the Festival are open and can be made online at

One-day ticket £15.00 (£10.00 concessions)
Full-Festival ticket £40.00 (£25.00 concessions)

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